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Recruiting 101

Recruiting 101
Recruiting Insider: Middle Tennessee's Jimmy Borendame
by Rhiannon Potkey, 12 August 2022

Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospects. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from Middle Tennessee State's Jimmy Borendame.

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Recruiting Events
Upcoming DTS Showcase Events on the East Coast
by Donovan Tennis Strategies, 16 May 2022

The Donovan Tennis Strategies College Exposure Series has two remaining Recruiting Showcases scheduled for this year to give players a chance to perform in front of a large number of college coaches. The New Jersey event is in late June and the Boston event is in late July.

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Recruiting 101
Recruiting Insider: Cincinnati's Eric Toth
by Rhiannon Potkey, 11 May 2022

Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospects. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from Cincinnati women's coach Eric Toth.

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Recruiting 101
Recruiting Insider: Georgia State's Hannah Keeling
by Rhiannon Potkey, 27 April 2022

Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospects. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from Georgia State women's coach Hannah Keeling.

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Recruiting Insider: Grand Canyon's Greg Prudhomme
Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospects. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from Grand Canyon men's and women's coach Greg Prudhomme.

Recruiting Insider: Air Force's Dan Oosterhous
Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospects. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from Air Force men's coach Dan Oosterhous.

Recruits Reveal Why They Are Signing With Their Schools
Every college decision is personal and based on many factors. It's a milestone in life worthy of celebration. Just a day away from the signing period opening, senior recruits from around the country reveal why they picked their respective colleges.

Recruiting Terms and Calendar for 2022-23
Make sure you know all the key dates on the recruiting calendar. Tennis Recruiting Network has updated our annual article for the 2022-23 school season.

Recruiting Insider: N.C. State Women's Coach Simon Earnshaw
Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospets. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from N.C. State women's head coach Simon Earnshaw.

Recruiting Insider: Toledo Head Coach Tracy Mauntler
Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospects. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from Toledo women's head coach Tracy Mauntler.

Hot 100 List - December 2020
It's time to unveil the December 2020 edition of the Hot 100. The Hot 100 features 100 boys and 100 girls who have been playing outstanding tennis. These players have substantially improved their rankings over the past month.

Meet The Assistant: Cincinnati's Katarina Adamovic
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Cincinnati's Katarina Adamovic.

Meet The Assistant: Oklahoma State's Scoville Jenkins
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Oklahoma State associate coach Scoville Jenkins.

Meet The Assistant: Florida's Tanner Stump
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Florida associate coach Tanner Stump.

Meet The Assistant: Michigan's Teryn Ashley-Fitch
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Michigan associate coach Teryn Ashley-Fitch.

Meet The Assistant: Washington's Chris Russell
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Washington associate coach Chris Russell.

Meet The Assistant: Navy's Alessandra Pedergnana
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Navy's women's assistant Alessandra Pedergnana.

Donovan Tennis Strategies To Host Virtual Showcase Event
Given the recruiting restrictions in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, Donovan Tennis Strategies is hosting its first-ever virtual recruiting showcase July 8-9. The event will feature a coaches panel, admissions presentation and match videos among other things.

Rising Juniors Take Note: Time to Update Your Profiles
Rising juniors can expect more activity in the recruiting process in the next few months as coaches can begin corresponding with them. It's a perfect time for players to update their profiles on TRN to ensure coaches have the best information to recruit them.

Meet The Assistant: Texas' Brandon Wagner
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Texas men's assistant Brandon Wagner.

Recruiting Corner: UC Irvine's Elizabeth Ferris
Getting more insight into how college coaches recruit can make the process less intimidating for prospets. Our "Recruiting Insider" series features coaches from across the nation providing their recruiting methods. Today, we hear from UC Irvine women's head coach Elizabeth Ferris.

How Coaches Are Recruiting During The Shutdown
The coronavirus pandemic has prevented college coaches from their normal recruiting practices. They can't have any in-person contact, meaning no hosting visits to campus or watching matches at tournaments. How have they adjusted to still get to know recruits? They let us know in the latest Coaching Roundtable.

Meet The Assistant: Washington & Lee's Hailey Barrett
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile Washington and Lee's Hailey Barrett.

Recruiting Corner: Middlebury Men's Coach Bob Hansen
Recruiting is not an exact science. Different programs have different needs and methods to finding players. In this month's Recruiting Corner, Middelbury men's coach Bob Hansen reveals his approach to recruiting and what he looks for in players.

Meet the Assistant: North Carolina State's Cris James
Assistant coaches might not get as much attention as head coaches, but they are highly valued by everyone within a college program. They work long hours to help teams try to win matches and help players try to achieve their goals. In this edition of Meet The Assistant, we profile North Carolina State's Cris James.

Recruiting Insight From a Mother, Coach and Player
Courtney Hance has witnessed the recruiting process from many different angles. She's a former Division I player, a mother of four tennis-playing children and a coach to many junior players. Hance reveals what she's learned along the way.

Essential Campus Visit Tips from USTA
A campus visit is the best way to evaluate whether a college is the best fit for any player. The USTA provides a few tips on what to consider during an unofficial or official visit, and the best questions to ask about every college on each trip.

Alternate Reality: Billups Takes Advantage of Showcase Entry
Leyton Billups arrived for the TRN College Showcase at the ITA Coaches Convention on Sunday as an alternate. After somone pulled out of the draw, the junior took advantage of the opportunity to help get seen by coaches and pursue his dream of playing college tennis.

Coachspeak: Talking Points for Recruits to College Coaches
Communication is paramount in the recruiting process. But what are the most important questions for recruits to ask during their correspondence with college coaches? We provide a list of essential talking points to find out as much as possible about a school, program and coach.

USTA Making Changes to Junior Competitive Structure
The USTA will be making changes to its junior competitive structure. Beginning in January of 2021, the USTA is adopting a simplified nationwide structure, which will create a standardized system and greater consistency for players, parents, coaches, tournament directors and officials.

Need a Checklist to Stay on Track for College? Check This Out
Staying on track to be eligible to play in college can be an extensive undertaking. The USTA has created a checklist for prospective student-athletes that is broken down by high school grade levels.

Focusing On Process, Not Outcome Can Help Improve Results
Players often ask what is the best way to improve their rankings or ratings to get recruited by more colleges. Former college coach David Donn of Donovan Tennis Strategies says focusing on the process rather than the end result is the best place to start.

Want To Get Recruited? Fill Out Your Free TRN Profile
More than 2,000 college coaches research recruits through the Tennis Recruiting Network database. But they need help. They need more players to fill out their recruiting profiles thoroughly and provide updated contact information. Find out how to make it easier to get recruited for free.

USTA Pushing to Increase Combines, Showcases Nationwide
USTA wants to increase the number of showcases and combines taking place across the country to help more American juniors play college tennis. Section representatives have been invited to this month's USTA All-American Combine to learn more about running events.

NCAA Shifts Recruiting Communication Period, Official Visits
The NCAA Division I Council announced on Friday it has adopted new rules in a continued effort to curb early recruiting. The changes will alter the start of the communication period and official visits.

Parents: Don't Let Your Children Relax After Committing
Former All-American and current private coach Todd Widom provides some advice to parents. Just because your child has committed to college that doesn't mean it's time to take a break. Recruits need to be ready to play once they step on campus.

American College Placement Brings Showcase to Dallas
American College Placement is holding the inaugural College Tennis Showcase at SMU in Dallas. ACP was started by former Baylor men's head coach Matt Knoll. The event will take place June 22 and 23 and is open to all high school players.

NCAA Eligibility Center is a Great Resource For All Recruits
The college recruiting process can be confusing and overwhelming for players and parents. The NCAA Eligbility Center is a great resource to help answer many questions and keep high school players on track for NCAA participation.

Rollins Will Have a Strong Presence at USTA Combine
The Rollins women's program will have a strong presence at the USTA All-American College Combine with head coach Beverly Buckley and two of her former players taking part. More than the wins, Buckley considers mentoring players to be the most rewarding part of her job at her alma mater.

Improvements Made For 2nd Annual USTA College Combine
Using feedback from the inaugural event, organizers are hoping for an even better experience this year at the 2nd annual USTA All-American College Combine. The event is a showcase for American juniors to expose them to college coaches and learn more about the recruiting process.

NCAA Adopts New Legislation To Help Stem Early Recruiting
In an effort to stem early recruiting, the NCAA Division I Council adopted legislation on Wednesday that more resembles the schedule regular students follow when choosing a college. Many major steps in the recruiting process will now begin September 1 of a recruit's junior year in high school.

Keep An Open Mind When Choosing A Division
Prospective student-athletes too often get hung up on the “No. 1” college division and forget about all the opportunities outside of it. The experience, the degree, and your future occupation is not dependent on the athletic division of the team you join.

Mullins: Stop Acting Like a Brat On The Court
Certain abnoxious behaviors seem to be imbedded into the tennis culture that people don’t often question and just accept as normal. Columnist and former college coach Dave Mullins thinks they should be questioned and eliminated from the sport for good.

Countdown: Making College Tennis Affordable
Even with the best future and financial planning, making college affordable can be a challenge. For tennis players, there are a variety of avenues that may be able to help soften the financial burden. Whether in the form of athletic scholarship, academic merit aid, or need based financial aid, there is hope for getting some financial support to be a collegiate scholar-athlete.

Countdown: Let Coaches Know When It's A No
Former Oklahoma coach Dave Mullins explains why telling coaches you won't be committing to their programs once the final decision is made is almost as good as telling them yes. Rather than sending a message or having mommy or daddy do it, pick up the phone and call each coach yourself.

Stop the Madness
I know a kid who is a talented soccer player. Last week there was a scout from Manchester United watching his team and taking notes. The kid recently got promoted to this group after some solid performances for the second team. He feels a lot of pressure to prove himself, and the team will soon travel overseas to play some of the top European club teams. The kid is actually my 11 year-old son! Does anyone else think this is a bit crazy?

Assessment at a Young Age Could Save Your Child's Tennis
This article was prompted by an increasing number of parents over the years contacting me for a truthful assessment of their child's tennis. It is not so easy to receive the truth for some, so I am here to give you the truth. Many parents get very excited when their 12- or 14-year-old is obtaining excellent results. Does it mean that the child will go on to do great things in tennis? Maybe, but the real answer is not always so simple.

Everything is Amazing and No One is Happy
Everything is amazing and no one is happy. I find it troubling that a high percentage of collegiate tennis players are quite unhappy with their student-athlete experiences. They have been told that their college days will be the best days of their lives, but they fail to understand that they can only be the best days of their lives if they are willing to go through some adversity.

The Relevance of College Rankings
Last month I asked if the coach matters when deciding where to take your tennis talents. This month I am turning my attention to college rankings - and asking if they should hold any relevance when making a final college decision.

Spring Signing Week '17: Realistic Expectations When Choosing a College
You might not remember that first time you hit a perfect tennis shot, but your parents probably do. They were thinking about whether you would be a tennis star - or, at least, whether there was a college scholarship in your future. By now you may be more realistic about your chances of going straight to the pros, but it is important to also keep your expectations realistic when it comes to where you are going to play college tennis.

Spring Signing Week '17: Get Recruited Faster
I get anywhere from 5-15 emails a day from student athletes struggling with the recruiting process. Ninety nine percent of the time it's because the athlete does not understand how college coaches recruit. This article provides advice and recommendations that will help athletes understand how coaches evaluate prospects - and what they need to do to get recruited faster and easier.

Countdown: Preparing for College Tennis
As many junior tennis players are preparing for college tennis, they need to learn certain aspects of the game so they are ready to perform at the next level. Many players want to attend prestigious universities, and they need to make a plan to do so. There is no cookie-cutter plan - each individual needs to make sure they are getting what they need in their training in a variety of area.

Countdown: The Role of Social Media in College Recruiting
The wide use of social media today is undeniable, but whether it can have a meaningful impact on a tennis player's recruitment to college is a topic we wanted to explore. We interviewed colege tennis coaches from a variety of levels and combined that with research from Cornerstone Reputation to gather information how social media is used - and how student athletes can use social media strategically.

Countdown: How Much Does the Coach Matter Anyway?
Sports fans typically fancy themselves to be true experts in the world of sports. They love to give adulation and praise to coaches when they win - and to demonize them when they lose. But do coaches deserve the attention they receive? I think they do ... but maybe not for the reasons you would think.

Talk, Talk, Talk ...
In politics, people say a lot of things to grab headlines in his bid to win the election - regardless of whether it is true. We are all guilty at times of delusional dialogue about ourselves and our goals - and I have heard many bold statements from tennis players and parents. I learned to become increasingly skeptical over the years. Think critically about what you want to accomplish - and ask yourself if what you are saying is truly what YOU desire.

College Tennis is for Losers
This article provides a sample of a conversation that has transpired between former Oklahoma Head Coach Dave Mullins and many junior coaches around the world when Mullins was on the recruiting trail. Some of the quotes have actually come out of the mouths of many coaches - and every college coach has heard these types of arguments countless times.

Fall Signing Week '16 : I Didn't Sign an NLI - Now What?
So you did not get the spot or the scholarship you had been hoping for; maybe you turned down offers to wait for something else or you may have found yourself not receiving any scholarship offers this time around. I know this can feel quite disconcerting, and you may feel like all is lost. I am here to tell you all is not lost, and that it is all going to work out just fine for you.

Fall Signing Week '16: What the FAFSA Changes Mean for Recruiting
In a rare move, deadlines changes been made to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as FAFSA. These modifications have an impact on money available for financial scholarships, which can also change timing in the recruiting process. Recruiting expert Marcia Frost breaks down the changes ...

Countdown: Drawing Attention from College Coaches
Dear Coach - My name is David Mullins and I started playing tennis at the age of 10. It all started when my father took me to a local park and threw some tennis balls to me. Since then ... blah, blah, blah, blah ... I cannot tell you how many times I received letters like this from players - telling me their entire tennis and life histories. I am here to tell you that college coaches do not care about any of this, well, at least not initially.

Countdown: Transitioning to College Tennis
During my 35 years coaching tennis at the high school level, I played a key role in helping my players transition from junior tennis into college tennis. I was highly successful, so many parents over the years have asked me about my approach - and what I thought might be the key factors to success.

What Every Player Should Know Before Joining a College Team
David Mullins spent sixteen years competing as a college tennis player and coach at the highest levels. As he reflects on his career, he notes that college tennis has changed dramatically since he first got involved. Mullins talks about these differences - and offers a list of the realities and expectations of college athletics to students and parents.

Amateur Issues
One of the principles that college sports was founded upon is that of amateur competition. In the eyes of all three collegiate governing bodies, student-athletes participating in collegiate athletics should be amateurs. Over the years, the line that defines amateur and professional has become less clear. Recruiting expert Dede Allen takes a comprehensive look at the issue.

Check Out a College Recruiting Showcase
Want a leg up on your high school tennis colleagues looking to compete at the collegiate level? Try a college-recruiting tennis showcase. If you're in a hurry or overwhelmed by an unforgiving tournament schedule, a showcase is just the ticket. Usually no longer than two days, it gets players quick exposure to dozens of college coaches on site in a tournament-like environment.

Spring Signing Week '16: Who Really Gets Recruited?
The recruiting process for college tennis players is no different from companies looking to hire new employees. It includes research, evaluation, interviews, comparisons, negotiations and offers. College tennis coaches they are very careful in selecting recruits who are the best possible fits for their teams. Here are some of the things they are looking for ...

Spring Signing Week '16: How Much Should Team Rankings Matter?
Rankings. They have kept you on edge throughout your junior tennis career, but now that you are looking at different colleges and their tennis programs, you are on the other end. As you go through your list of candidate schools, you wonder to yourself how much the rankings of the teams you are considering really matter. Recruiting expert Marcia Frost takes on this question ...

Countdown: David Geatz Interview on Recruiting
Since I am in the college recruiting business, I am frequently answering questions from parents and potential student athletes about college tennis and the recruiting process. I thought I would change things up and provide some value by getting someone else's perspective. Therefore, I interviewed University of Pennsylvania Head Coach David Geatz, who has a ton of experience and success in college tennis.

Countdown: Online Schooling Considerations
With the growth of technology and online schooling opportunities - and with tennis being a sport that requires a lot of hours on the court in order to excel - more and more recruits seem to be at least contemplating this alternative form of education. Before deciding if online schooling is the appropriate track for you, there are several issues to consider including how it may affect your tennis, prepare you for the future, and be viewed by coaches and admissions.

Step One of the Recruiting Process
Over my many years of involvement with college tennis, I have been consistently asked the same question - what should prospective student-athletes look for when choosing a college? I have thought about this question a lot, and I have come up with a very simple answer: find the university, team, and coach that are the best fit for your goals, philosophy, and experience. That is a simple answer, but as always, the devil is in the details...

Three Things We Wish You Knew About Recruit Videos
The recruiting process can be confusing - with countless rules about what recruits can do and when. At High-Tech Tennis, we are very close to the junior tennis scene, and we are excited to share three things we wish you knew about recruit videos.

Fall Signing Week '15: Keys to Success in Recruiting
I have been in the sports recruiting business for about six years now, and over the years I have seen some players successful in recruiting while others have struggled. The difference between those who end up playing college tennis and those who do not is not always who is a better player - but often who is willing to work harder and smarter than their competition. Check out my keys to success in the recruiting process.

Countdown: Avoiding Senioritis After Committing
There's no vaccine for senioritis, which makes it all the more imperative you take preventative measures against it. NCSA Athletic Recruiting gives tips on how to do just that.

Countdown: Should my Application Essay Include Tennis?
It's that time of year when high school seniors are preparing their college applications. One of the most important pieces you'll enclose in that packet is your application essay. As a junior tennis player, the sport has become a huge part of your life. It was certainly the main focus when you were writing to coaches and telling them how much you want to be on their teams, but does it belong in the college application essay?

Top Pros Weigh In On College Tennis Decision
Ask a group of 12-and-unders at the local courts what they want to be when they grow up, and you'll likely hear some of them answer enthusiastically: "A pro tennis player!" But even the very best of those rising stars must decide whether to give college tennis a try or chase their childhood dreams on the pro tour. We talked with three former college standouts on the pro tour about their decision to attend college, life as a pro and their advice for junior players.

Unofficial Visits - More Important Than You Think
Some high school students take eight, ten, a dozen unofficial visits as part of their recruiting process. Some people might think that's a lot of unofficial visits, but it's really not. Since there is no limit on unofficial visits, why not take full advantage of your options?

Spring Signing Week '15: Recruiting Strategy and Tips for Unsigned Seniors
Signing Week is underway, and it is an exciting time for players and their families who are making college commitments. But what happens when you don't have a college secured? There is no reason to panic. The signing period that starts this week runs through August, and hundreds more players will commit during this time. You just need to know how to best proceed...

Countdown: SFA Interviews Virginia Tech Coach Thompson
In his 17th season as the Virginia Tech Men's Tennis Coach, Jim Thompson has done his fair share of recruiting. He sat down with SFA to discuss different aspects of the recruiting process and what he looks for in potential recruits.

Countdown: Three Recruiting Pitfalls to Avoid
It is that time of the recruiting process again where the majority of student athletes are about to make the decision on what university to attend. This time can be filled with anxiety involving recruiting visit experiences, unexpected scholarship shortfalls, and admission uncertainties. So - what are the three common recruiting pitfalls that students encounter year in and year out? Read to find out...

Is a Post-Graduate Year a Good Idea for Me?
There are many reasons why prospective college tennis players, in partnership with their parents, might consider taking an extra year before starting college. A gap year can certainly provide extra time to improve academic standing, physical or emotional maturity, and/or level of play with the hope of providing more options. But what are the implications? And what should you do with that year? Knowing the rules and planning ahead is critical in making a sensible decision.

Tips from D-II Players and Parents
At High-Tech Tennis, we're in a unique position because we have access to information that can help you transition from junior tennis to college tennis. We have interacted with dozens of junior tennis coaches who have walked the walk and are now talking the talk to help you navigate the very exciting - but sometimes confusing - recruiting process. Here are interesting HIGH-TECH TIPS that might help you if you're thinking about Division II schools.

Five Vital Tips for Student Athletes in Their College Search
Each year student athletes make the transition from high school to college. Some student athletes and their families have a good idea of when and how to start, while others have little or no idea at all. Regardless of the category you fall in, every athlete can make use of these five helpful tips...

College Tennis Scholarship Evaluations - Enhancing the Recruiting Experience
Around the college tennis community, you will hear a lot of talk about "realistic and attainable scholarship opportunities" for student athletes these days. Athletics can open doors, but it is important to identify colleges that are a good fit for you as a rounded individual. The key to finding a college fit is knowing your strengths, and that's where a quality evaluation comes in.

Tips from D-I Players and Parents
At High-Tech Tennis, we're in a unique position because we have access to information that can help you transition from junior tennis to college tennis. We have interacted with dozens of junior tennis coaches who have walked the walk and are now talking the talk to help you navigate the very exciting - but sometimes confusing - recruiting process. Here are five interesting HIGH-TECH TIPS that might help you if you've got your heart set on playing Division I.

Fall Signing Week '14: Balancing Time Between Court and Classroom
With Fall Signing Week at hand, tennis players are faced with the next challenge: finding time to practice while keeping up in the college classroom. Brandon Videtich and Will Gilhooly, tennis alumni at NCSA Athletic Recruiting, share tips and strategies that helped them maintain a healthy balance in college.

Fall Signing Week '14: How Young is Too Young to Start Recruiting?
When it comes to college tennis recruiting, one of the biggest fears parents have is starting the process too late. They are afraid there will be no more room on the teams and all the scholarships will be gone by the time their child is recognized. Everyone wants to get their child in front of coaches before it's too late, but how young is too young to do this?

Countdown: Keeping an Open Mind
When we begin working with a new student athlete, the first assignment calls for them to reach out to current college players and ask them a set of questions about their experience as college athletes. One of the final questions is: 'What advice do you have for my recruiting process?' Two very common pieces of advice are (1) to be patient and (2) to keep an open mind about schools.

Countdown: Tips from Junior Coaches
At High-Tech Tennis, we're in a unique position because we have access to information that can help you transition from junior tennis to college tennis. We have interacted with dozens of junior tennis coaches who have walked the walk and are now talking the talk to help you navigate the very exciting - but sometimes confusing - recruiting process. Check out these lessons learned about college recruiting from junior tennis coaches.

Countdown: Trending Toward Early Verbal Commitments
In the college tennis recruiting scene, it is becoming more and more common to hear of verbal commitments to colleges occurring far earlier than in recent history. In tennis, it is no longer unheard of to see a player committing to a college during the first half of the junior year. The prevailing message in the past has been to take one's time. But while that remains sound advice, players should probably start engaging in their search process earlier.

Countdown: College Prep Camps and Showcases
College tennis showcases are growing in popularity, mainly because of the elimination of some USTA national tournaments and reduced draw sizes. If you want to get recruited for a college tennis scholarship, exposure is a key component to the process. When deciding whether to attend a showcase, parents and players always have a lot of questions and concerns. This article talks about how showcases work and how to maximize your opportunities.

Countdown: College Placement Tips
Mark Weil of the Weil Tennis Academy has shepherded hundreds of junior tennis players through the college recruiting process, and he has collected many valuable experiences during that time. Today, in our first Countdown to Signing Day article, Weil scattershoots over college tennis recruiting, talking about how to approach recruiting - and how to make yourself an attractive recruit to college coaches.

Early Versus Regular Signing Period
It is almost that time again. Every November, student athletes from around the globe and college coaches from all divisions and leagues get ready to sign the "National Letter of Intent" (NLI) or equivalent. This is a document which commits the student for the season starting the following fall semester. This early signing period is increasingly gaining in popularity, both among players and coaches, but is it best for everyone to sign early?

Tips on Finding the Right College Program
As you begin the college search process, looking to balance your academic and athletic needs, there are a few secrets that will help you find a program that is right for you. Unfortunately, too many players find themselves in a college tennis program where their game stagnates, where they are athletically unchallenged, or perhaps find themselves outside the starting lineup. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a college tennis program.

Five Things You Need to Know About the College Recruiting Process
For most junior tennis players, playing in college is the next goal. Your performance, behavior, and preparation both on and off the court in high school are getting you ready for college and college tennis. Here are five things to keep in mind as you think about the future...

Changes in NCAA Contact Rules
With recent changes in NCAA recruiting contact rules, the summer has become an important time for families managing the tennis recruiting process. Check out changes that every tennis family and all prospective student athletes need to know...

Transition from Junior to College Tennis
Over the last ten years, I have seen junior tennis player struggle with the transition into college tennis. Changes occur in your training, competition, team structure and academics. It has sometimes resulted in extreme cases where the student-athlete cannot handle the pressure and has to leave school indefinitely. Here are a few key changes you should be ready for - and advice on how to best prepare yourself for success.

What Impact Did the Top 100 Girls from 2013 Have as Freshman?
Last week, Scholarship for Athletes investigated the impact the Top 100 Boys from the 2013 class had on their college teams as freshmen. This week, they cover the Top 100 Girls from the same recruiting class. The ladies performed a little bit better...

What Impact Did the Top 100 Boys from 2013 Have as Freshman?
Scholarship for Athletes took the time to research the Top 100 boys from the Class of 2013 to analyze the impact that they had on their teams as freshman. How many matches did they play? How did they do? And how much did their performance impact the team?

Create a Winning Summer Tennis Schedule
As a competitive junior tennis player, summer holidays provide you the best chance to improve your tennis game and get maximum exposure for a college scholarship. College coaches are out recruiting at various tournaments and training camps around the U.S. and internationally. Taking advantage of these few months can really make an impact in your future college tennis career. It starts with creating a well thought-out summer tennis schedule.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?
The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all college-bound student-athletes who wish to compete in NCAA Division I or II athletics. Ultimately, the individual student-athlete is responsible for achieving and protecting his or her eligibility status, but the NCAA Eligibility Center is eager to cooperate with all parties to ensure a smooth transition to NCAA sports.

New Changes to the SAT Test
In March, College Board announced several changes to the SAT that will impact the class of 2017 and beyond. Check out the changes - and see how they impact student-athletes.

Preparing for Success in College Tennis
Over the next few weeks, college tennis recruits who did not commit early will be making their college decisions. Many will be signing a National Letter of Intent or sending in a deposit - committing to a college or university. Recruits for 2014 have nearly all made their decisions... now what?

Spring Signing Week '14: Why NAIA?
Peter Green talks with college tennis coaches at NAIA institutions about the tennis experience at NAIA schools - and what differentiates an NAIA program from NCAA programs.

Spring Signing Week '14: Primer on NCAA Eligibility
The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all students who want to play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution as freshmen. In order to practice, play and receive an athletics scholarship, students need to meet certain academic benchmarks and amateurism requirements. Learn about the NCAA Eligibility Center and its resources...

Spring Signing Week '14: Scholarships - Details Matter
If you've been playing junior tournaments for years, the chances are that the subject of college scholarships has come up often in your house. It's only natural that you would like all your hard work to be rewarded. For parents, a scholarship is often seen as the light at the end of the tunnel - the financial gift for spending years paying for lessons, entry fees and travel. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Countdown: Your College Choice is a Forty-Year Decision
During these final months before graduation, many of you are anxiously awaiting admissions decisions and pouring through notes from each visit, looking to make a final college choice. Thinking beyond college graduation may seem ludicrous right now, but you should always be mindful about how current decisions shape your future. It is important to decide what you want to do with your time in college and how it pertains to your career.

Countdown: How to Make a Strong College Recruiting Video
Julie and Danny Thiets founded High-Tech Tennis in 2006 recording junior tennis match play, and they quickly got involved with making college recruiting videos. In this article, they share some of the lessons they have learned over the years about making effective videos.

Countdown: Transitioning to College Tennis
Over the winter break, Donovan Tennis Strategies was able to catch up with three freshmen college tennis players - from the Patriot League, Ivy League, and SCIAC. We asked them about the transition to college both academically and athletically, how their expectations of college tennis are being met, and what advice they would already be able to provide to future recruits.

NCAA Will Allow Use of Snapchat
The landscape of social media is continuously changing, and it seems as though a new form of social media catches on every few months. The popular Snapchat app - which allows users to send photos and video to a controlled list of recipients - has just gotten a serious look from the NCAA. Our friends at NCSA take a look at the NCAA position...

What to Know about the Tennis Recruiting Process
College recruiting is something that seems obvious enough, but many junior tennis players and their parents don't know where to start. Our friends at NCSA have a primer with some basic facts and numbers about the process.

Eight New Year's Resolutions for Student-Athletes
Many people believe in New Year's Resolutions - and that a new year means a new start. The New Year is a good time to set goals and hold yourself accountable to achieving those goals. Have you set your New Year's Resolutions yet? If not, maybe this list will help.

Open Letter to Prospective Student-Athletes
The process of searching for the right college and the right tennis program can be stressful. There are so many choices and variables, and finding the right fit, making campus visits, filling out applications, and taking care of your academics and tennis can be overwhelming. Enjoy the process - but take it seriously.

Why Division I?
If you talk to most people about college athletics they think of Division I sports. Even people who do not follow sports know about March Madness and the BCS Championships. Top juniors dream of playing Division I college tennis. So what do Division I college coaches have to say about Division I tennis?

Fall Signing Week '13: Role of the Parent in Recruiting
As a parent, you want to be a part of all of your child's decisions, and which college your child will attend is one of the most important that will ever be made. The decision becomes even more complicated when your child is trying to pick a school to attend with a tennis team that's also a perfect fit. But how involved should a parent be in the tennis recruiting process? You might not like the answer...

Countdown: Thomson on Player Expectations
Coach Paul Thomson addresses questions from our community... How many hours per week are expected from the players? How many players will be used for varsity matches in the course of a given year? How many non-varsity, walk-on players do teams carry, and what is expected of them?

Countdown: There's Life After November
November is here, and the early signing period is around the corner. Each year, student athletes scramble to find a college to sign with, while coaches look to lock down recruits. Most families begin to feel nervous around this time, and some even go as far as "freaking out". The general feeling is there will be no roster spots available if student athletes do not sign during the early signing period. Don't worry - there is life after November.

Countdown: Coaches and Cheerleaders
One big question during the recruiting process is which college coach best suits you. Great coaches feel strongly about their own styles, their coaching identities, and most importantly their players. Many things are important, but you want a coach that you feel is going to have your back when you are tight as a brick down 4-5 in the 3rd set of the deciding match.

Why Division II?
Many people overlook NCAA Division II athletics programs - but they shouldn't. The Division II emphasis is on balance, with the objective of providing student-athletes a comprehensive program of learning and development. Student-athletes are encouraged to achieve excellence in their sport, in the classroom and in their community. Take a look at some of the best-kept secrets in college tennis.

Thomson on Scholarship Questions
Coach Paul Thomson addresses questions from our community... How do coaches generally distribute their scholarship money? Is a player's scholarship likely to go up or down over the course of four years? On average, what is the players' cost per year?

Writing Your Own Story
Choosing the right university is a complicated and stressful process. As you struggle with the pros and cons of each college, you look forward to the relief of making your final decision. When you make that phone call and commit, you feel the weight lifted from your shoulders and an end to your burdens. But life always brings new challenges - and your next challenge is to find your own path to success in college and in college tennis.

Videos in the Recruiting Process
The college recruiting video in an important part of the recruiting process. It's not always feasible for college coaches to see players compete in person. Despite the importance of the video, more often than not we see videos that are ineffective and inadequate. We talked with college coaches to get their insights on college recruiting videos.

Freshman Year: Four Players Tell About Their First Year Playing College Tennis
Anticipation is often as clear as fear when you enter a university for your freshman year. This can even be more difficult when you are playing college tennis. You are joining a group whom you will be with most of your waking hours. You will also be adjusting to the new "parent" figures in your life - your coaches. I talked with four players who just finished up their freshman years about the good, the bad, and the surprising.

Why Division III?
Dan Greenberg, coach of the national champion Williams College men's tennis team, says, "'When someone asks me, 'Why D-III?,' I honestly say, 'Why not?'" With lots of need- and merit-based financial aid available and an increasing level of play, it seems that Division III tennis is a great option for the majority of high-school athletes looking to take their games - and their lives - to the next level.

What Coaches Look For at a Tournament
Now that the July 1 contact date for rising seniors is past, the college recruiting season is peaking. While attending the USTA Girls 18s Clay Courts this week in Memphis, Tennessee, I spoke to several college coaches to find out what they are looking for when they attend a major National tournament, particularly on a surface that very few collegians compete on as student-athletes.

College Tennis in the Ivy League
At Scholarship For Athletes, we get asked a lot of questions regarding the Ivy League schools, how they work, how they recruit, and what the coaches are looking for. We asked some questions to a few Ivy League men's coaches and here is what we found.

Spring Signing Week '13: Academic Alert
Whether you are signing to join a team in the fall or are just starting to think about doing it in the future, you need to make sure your academics have a high level of priority. Regardless of how great your tennis is, you still need good grades to get into college.

Countdown: Division III Tennis on the Rise
More and more top-tier players are signing to Division III schools, a trend which is quickly increasing the quality of that division. Scholarship for Athletes talks with Middlebury head coach Bob Hansen to better understand how competitive Division III tennis has become.

Fall Signing Week '12: How Important is the Coach in your Decision?
How many times have you heard players say they signed with schools because they love the coach? It happens all the time, and there is nothing wrong with it. You should love the coach of the team you want to join. On the other hand, loving a coach should never be your sole decision maker when it comes to college tennis.

Fall Signing Week '12: Where Do Top Recruits Play in the Lineup?
Most recruits are seeking a competitive team where they can also be part of the starting lineup. Scholarship for Athletes conducted an analysis comparing top level recruiting to see what percentage of recruits made the starting lineups of their respective teams.

Countdown: Playing Tennis at the U.S. Military Academies
The experience of playing tennis at one of the military academies can be a unique experience, and so there are some unique factors to consider before a tennis recruit decides on a service academy. Our friends at Donovan Tennis Strategies talked with current players and coaches at three service academies to get insight on what it's like to be a student-athlete at one of the United States Military Academies.

Expectations of Athletes in College (Pt. 2)
Earlier this month, we talked with college coaches about the tennis expectations of student athletes. Today, more coaches weigh in on the question: "Can you quantify the number of hours that players spend on tennis each week? What times of year are the busiest?"

Expectations of Athletes in College
College is a busy time for student-athletes, and balancing academics with athletics is known to be a challenge. What should an incoming freshman tennis player expect? We put the question to our panel of coaches: "Can you quantify the number of hours that players spend on tennis each week? What times of year are the busiest?"

How Has College Tennis Changed?
College athletics offers an ever-changing landscape, and that landscape has had an impact on tennis. Conference realignment, Title IX, athletics budgets, recruiting, and increased USTA focus on college tennis have all been hot topics over recent years. We put the question to college coaches, "How is college tennis different today than it was ten years ago?"

Spring Signing Week '12: Things Juniors Should Know (Pt. 2)
Last week, we talked with several coaches about misunderstandings many players and parents have. Today, more coaches weigh in on the question: "What is one thing that you wish all recruits knew going into the process?"

Spring Signing Week '12: Can I Take Time Off Before College?
There are many reasons why prospective college tennis players might consider taking an extra year before starting college. Improving academic standards, working on your game, or spending another year maturing are reasons to consider a gap year. But students considering taking time off need to keep some new NCAA rules in mind.

Spring Signing Week '12: Watch that Status!
When it comes to getting ready to go to college, you spend hours perfecting your essay and sending letters to prospective coaches. You have also (hopefully) watched yourself carefully on the court to make sure your behavior won't turn a coach off. The one thing that many players forget is that they also need to watch themselves online.

Countdown: Discussion - Things Juniors Should Know
Many high school tennis players have misunderstandings about the college recruiting process. Some of these misunderstandings can lead to awkward situations between players and coaches. We put the question to college coaches: "What is one thing that you wish all recruits knew going into the process?"

Talking with Georgetown Freshman Sophie Panarese
Sophie Panarese of Milton, MA is a freshman on the Georgetown University tennis team. Panarese attended Milton Academy and was a 4-star recruit who reached a high of #45 in the 2011 TRN national rankings. Here she answers questions from Hope Rupley of Donovan Tennis Strategies about her transition to college and college tennis.

Countdown: What Not to Do on a Visit
A big part of the recruiting process is building a relationship with a college coach - much of which is formed during visits to the school. As with any relationship, there are certain things a prospective student-athlete simply should not do - like sending text messages during a conversation with the coach. We put the following question to several college coaches: "What should prospective student-athletes NOT do while on a visit?"

Countdown: Should I Sign in November?
November 9th - Signing Day - is the first day of the one-week fall signing period. The fall signing period is the only opportunity this calendar year for seniors to sign a National Letter of Intent with a Division I or Division II school. If you are interested in such a school, should you sign an NLI? What are the pros and cons? In today's article, Marcia Frost addresses this question.

Talking with Tufts Coach Kate Bayard
Kate Bayard earned First Team All-Ivy honors each of her four years playing tennis at Harvard University. After coaching at prestigious schools throughout New England, she took the head position at Tufts, where she just completed her sixth season. Tufts has been a Division III contender under Bayard's leadership, going deep into the team tournament and winning individual national titles. Donovan Tennis Strategies talks tennis with the reigning NESCAC Coach of the Year.

College Panel Provides Pointers to Potential Student-Athletes
In conjunction with the NCAA Division I championships at Stanford University last month, USTA Player Development and USTA Northern California held a College Day at the NCAAs. Parents, junior players and coaches heard nearly two hours of advice, facts, insights and answers to their questions on college recruiting.

Real World: Former Midwestern State Player Brynne Chappell
Annette Broersma is back with another installment of The Real World of Recruiting. In today's column, Broersma talks with Brynne Chappell, former women's tennis player at Midwestern State University. Chappell talks about the recruiting process - and her experiences as a Division II tennis player.

Real World: Idaho's Jeff Beaman
Annette Broersma is back with another installment of The Real World of Recruiting. In today's column, Broersma talks with Jeff Beaman, head coach of men's tennis at the University of Idaho. The Vandals' coach talks about his philosophies for both recruiting and running his team.

Countdown: The Real World of College Recruiting
Today, we unveil the initial installment of The Real World of Recruiting - a new regular feature at TennisRecruiting.net by Annette Broersma. Today, Broersma talks with a recent NCAA D1 tennis player about her college experiences.

The Dilemma of High School Tennis
Accomplished USTA junior tennis players have long grappled with the question of whether to play on their high school teams. While they want to support their team and school, they don't want their level of play to deteriorate over the course of the season. Donovan Tennis Strategies talks about how junior tennis players should evaluate the tradeoffs.

Q&A with Lew Brewer: Changes to USTA Junior Tournaments and Rankings
Change has finally arrived. Last March, the USTA approved changes to junior tournaments and rankings at the national level. New draw sizes... new draw formats... a reduction in the number of tournaments that count for national rankings... All of this change went into effect at the beginning of 2011. Why were these changes made? Lew Brewer, USTA Director of Junior Competition, took time out to answer our questions.

College Tennis - It's Never Too Early
Sue Hansen, founder of SCCAC, talks about the importance of starting early with the college recruiting process. Understanding the process - and making a plan - can take the anxiety out of recruiting.

Upcoming Collegiate Information Sessions, Showcases and Forums
Curious about college tennis and the recruiting process? All across the country, USTA Sections and other organizations are hosting information sessions, showcases, and forums that provide education on college tennis and recruiting. Take a look at upcoming events - many of them are coming up soon...

Countdown: Making the Most of Official Visits
It's fall. For many high school seniors who haven't yet made up their minds about school, that means official visits. An official visit is one in which your expenses are paid for by the college. Since there is no right or wrong way to run a college tennis team, you need to find out if a particular coach and program works for you. Here are some things you can find out during a visit that can have a major influence on your college experience.

Q&A with Erica Perkins: Campus Showdowns
They are going on now - and at a college near you. Campus Showdowns - one-day, short-format tournaments that take place on college campuses across America - are open to everyone from juniors and amateurs to college players and professionals. These tournaments give junior players a unique chance to check out college - as well as the level of competition. Erica Perkins of USTA Player Development stops by to talk about this joint initiative between the USTA and ITA.

ITA Summer Circuit Fills Competition Gap for College and Junior Players
Last Saturday 128 players took to the Western Michigan University courts with a variety of motives - to size up their games, stay sharp over the summer months, prepare for the fall college season and test their conditioning in two-a-day matches in the summer heat and humidity. Colette Lewis of ZooTennis.com took in the ITA Summer Circuit tournament - here she provides a wrap-up of both the tournament and the program.

Advantages of Division III Tennis
Although there are many ways to explore college choices, there is a large group of schools that is often overlooked by top juniors - the 300+ programs that make up NCAA Division III. The D-III tennis blogger stops by to discuss why Division III can be a great option for all American juniors, from 1 star to 5 stars, boys and girls alike.

NCAA D1 Update: Non-Traditional High School Courses
If you are considering playing Division I athletics, you MUST become aware of a newly-adopted NCAA proposal. The NCAA has begun identifying "non-traditional" courses from various high school programs that do not meet the parameters of the newly-adopted proposal.

Choosing a Tennis Academy
Dede Allen answers the question: "I have a child who is being recruited by a few tennis academies. As a parent, how do I handle these situations?"

Overview of the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Process
High school tennis players interested in competing in college probably know that they need to take care of their academics and athletics. But they should also need to understand the overall recruiting process. For players and parents interested in NCAA Division I or II tennis, below is a quick overview of the NCAA initial-eligibility process.

Countdown: Signing Day, NLI - What Does It Mean?
Last November, TennisRecruiting.net had one of its biggest weeks in terms of visitors during the Fall Signing Period. And in just a couple weeks, we will do it all again - we kick off our Spring Countdown to Signing Day coverage. But what does it all mean? Dede Allen breaks down terms like 'Signing Day' and 'National Letter of Intent'.

Tennis Academies: Best Road to College Tennis?
There are more players at tennis academies looking for college scholarships or placement than there are those looking to turn professional. Preparing for a professional career takes years, but often, parents look to tennis academies for a short-term sprint of improvement to help the player get the attention of college coaches. Does this work?

NCAA Rule Change - Enrolling After Graduation
The NCAA recently passed bylaws that are relevant to college-bound junior tennis players. These bylaws specify new rules: how long a high school graduate can wait before enrolling in college - and the kinds of competition in which the student-athlete can engage. Dede Allen discusses these new bylaws.

The Community/Junior College Option
In light of the extensive publicity about the price of a college education - some states have raised their tuition over 70% over the past ten years - it is sad that more families do not consider local community or junior colleges as a great option. Really, it is a great option... not just the 'last choice' option.

How to be the Ideal College Tennis Parent
College coaches are loathe to say anything to insult parents. After all, parents have made many sacrifices to support their children through junior tennis. However, in candid conversations away from the office, there have been comments we can learn from reflecting their opinions about American players and their parents. A common topic is that of the American Tennis Parent.

Video Conversation with Andy Brandi
Former University of Florida Women's coach Andy Brandi discusses his experiences with recruiting - and what junior players should be doing right now to get ahead. Brandi coached at UF for 17 years and holds an amazing record of 460-43. He was the fastest coach to reach the 400 career win mark, doing so in just 435 matches. Brandi's Gators have 14 national indoor championships and 3 NCAA championships. He is now a coach at the Harold Solomon institute in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Video Conversation with David Roditi
David Roditi joined the ATP tour in May, 1996 and achieved a career high doubles ranking of 41. During David's Pro career, he served as a member of the ATP Tour Players Council. He has reached the finals of four ATP Tour Doubles events and has represented Mexico in the Davis Cup. David was a three-time All-American at Texas Christian University (TCU) who was runner-up in the NCAA Doubles Championships in 1995 and finished third in 1996.

Video Conversation with Lou Belkin
Lou Belken is an Arizona State University coaching legend. With more than 26 successful seasons under his belt, he holds an overall record of 312-309. Belken has guided his Sun Devils teams to NCAA post season berths in 14 of the past 20 years, including five berths in the NCAA Sweet 16 and one quarterfinal appearance. He has trained and produced 14 All-American players and 28 All-Pacific 10 selections.

Video Conversation with Jerry Noyce
Jerry Noyce played varsity tennis at the University of Minnesota (UM) and coached the varsity men's tennis team for 15 years. As co-founder of the UM Baseline Club, Jerry was instrumental in endowing all men's tennis scholarships at UM and securing significant contributions to construct an on campus tennis facility. As a tennis professional, Jerry coached playing professionals David Wheaton and Ann Henricksson. Here he discusses what coaches look for in their recruits.

College Tennis: Myths versus Realities
Sue Hansen, founder of SCCAC, takes on some of the college recruiting myths that she frequently encounters in her role as a private college athletic consultant: 1) matriculation eligibility rules, and 2) home schooling as it relates to recruiting.

Video Conversation with Dick Leach
USC legend Dick Leach led the Trojans for 23 years, capturing three NCAA championships (1991, '93 and '94). His teams advanced to the NCAA semifinals eight times and to the quarters three times. He has an overall record of 529-133 for an unbelievable 0.799 winning percentage. Here, Coach Leach talks about what coaches look for in their recruits.

What if I Don't get a Scholarship Offer from my First Choice?
Dede Allen addresses the question: "I'm afraid that I might not get a scholarship offer from my first choice - what should I do?" Allen stresses the importance of researching multiple options and alternatives - and encourages players to be proactive.

The Recruiting Process - Is It Ever Too Early?
Dede Allen takes on the question: "I'm a junior in high school, is it too early to start the recruiting process?" She advises kids to take care of business in the classroom - and to start organizing their options.

When and How to Send a Video to Coaches
College coaches are always pleased when a student-athlete has done his or her homework. One of the first things most coaches will ask is "do you have a video?" Uness you are staying close to home, coaches may not have seen you play extensively. The college placement video is, therefore, very critical. Here are some tips as to when to create your video and what should be in it.

Making a College Recruiting Video
Most kids who want to play college tennis will need to send prospective coaches a DVD that shows off their game. Often, coaches will see the DVD before ever meeting the player face-to-face, so it's important to put your best foot forward when creating your recruiting video. Adam Sieminski of FuzzyYellowBalls.com tells you how to make the most of your recruiting DVD.

Market Value and its Importance in Tennis Recruiting
In recruiting, knowing your market value means knowing exactly where you stand in the eyes of the coaches at the schools you are considering. All coaches recruit more players than they have spots available, so knowing how you compare to the competition is essential.

Three Steps to Tennis Success
The competitive level of college tennis in the United States is extremely high, and recruiting process has become ultra-competitive. What does that mean for you? Simple. Whether you're ranked top ten or top 1000, you're going to need a game plan to find the school that will be the best fit for you. Here are three questions you should ask to help you navigate the recruiting process and choose a school that is the best fit for you academically, socially, and athletically.

Playing For Time - The Importance Of Expectations For Recruits
When trying to find a college that will be a perfect fit, there are many academic, social, and athletic factors that must be considered. One of the most important factors is playing time. Playing time can make - or break - your collegiate tennis career. The goal is to know what you want and what to expect from your program.

Recruiting Terms and Calendar for 2008-09
Tomorrow - July 1st - marks the beginning of another recruiting year. Once again, recruiting expert Dede Allen reviews important dates on the recruiting calendar for all ages - and she also has a primer on basic recruiting terms.

Open Letter to Recruits
An open letter to high school tennis hopefuls seeking college scholarships from Coach Paul Torricelli, former head of men's tennis at Northwestern University.

Redshirting in College Tennis
Typically associated with football players, the term redshirt is frequently applied to student-athletes who spend their first collegiate academic year attending classes, practicing and working out with the team, but not competing in games. Colette Lewis explores the issue, talking pros and cons with college coaches and players.

Tournament Tennis vs. High School Tennis
As a national tournament director for the USTA, and as an advisor to high school students looking to play in college, I have seen many juniors agonize over the choice of which 'master' to follow: the USTA tournament schedule, or their high school schedule. Each has a set of regulations to follow to be eligible for play/ranking, and sometimes those rules and schedules conflict.

Choosing a College Recruiting Service
Annette Broersma provides her take on the following question: "When I look around the Internet, I quickly find a lot of different recruiting services. Which ones should I consider using?"

Just One Thing to Think About?
Dede Allen answers the question: "If you had to tell a player just one thing to think about during the recruiting process, what would it be?"

Campus Visits and Interviews
With the school year about to begin, rising seniors and their families are about to start taking official campus visits. Rising juniors might also be planning college visits with their families - stealing away for a weekend to check out a school and take in a football game. Dede Allen talks about the importance of the visit in the college decision process - and how to make the most of one.

The Importance of College Tennis Culture
From an outsider's perspective, it might seem that collegiate tennis - like professional and recreational tennis - is an individual sport where success and failure rest solely upon the player. Nothing could be further from the truth. The success of a collegiate tennis team depends upon a successful team dynamic. In this article, Ben Belletto explores the importance of culture in college tennis.

Where Can I Find a Scholarship?
Dede Allen answers the question: "If there is so much money in college athletics, why can't I get a full scholarship?"

College Tennis for Middle School?
Dede Allen answers the question: "I'm in middle school and I keep hearing my sister and her friends talk about college tennis. It sounds like something I'd like to do, but is it too early for me to start thinking about it?"

Early Action, Early Decision, and Rolling Admission
"I keep hearing about early decision, early application and rolling admission. I'm getting confused - can you explain the difference? How does signing early for athletic scholarships play into the scenario?"

College Freshman Orientation
With freshman year only a month away for the Class of 2006, this is the time of year when I frequently hear the question: "Is it important to attend freshman orientation?" I highly recommend it.

New for 2006-07: NCAA Amateurism Clearinghouse
If you are a junior or college tennis fan, you have probably read one of the many recent articles about "professionals" participating in college sports. While you may not be following the discussion, you do need to be aware of the new NCAA Amateurism Clearinghouse. Today's article looks at the NCAA's newest clearinghouse.

What Should I Tell a Coach at a Tournament?
During the summer and fall, many coaches attend national and sectional events to evaluate recruits. Dede Allen addresses the question: "Coaches keep trying to talk to me at tournaments. I just want to concentrate on my play. What should I do?"

Taking a Year Off After High School
Resident recruiting expert Dede Allen answers the question, "Is there an NCAA rule about taking time off after high school graduation?"

Recruiting Vocabulary Test
Dede answers the question: When I'm at tournaments or talking to my friends, I keep hearing terms that I think I should probably be familiar with. Can you help me out here?

How Can I Get a Coach to "Find" Me?
In a perfect world, every college coach would know who you are, and many coaches would pursue you diligently. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case for the majority of tennis players. However, there are many opportunities available. So how can you come into focus on the coaches' recruiting radar? For starters, you have to let them know that you are out there. Be proactive - communication is the key!

Advice on Seeking Sponsorship
Many junior tennis players have questions about sponsorship opportunities a topic that can be very confusing. There are a variety of levels of sponsorships from a wide variety of companies. Here are some things to think about when looking into sponsorship.

ACP description
Learn about American College Placement - the most personalized boutique service in the nation.
9/23 Rohan Murali chooses Harvard
9/23 Noa Vukadin chooses Clemson
9/23 Dylan Dietrich chooses Virginia
9/23 Orly Ogilvy chooses Yale
9/23 Kira Matushkina chooses Old Dominion
9/23 Joseph Phillips chooses Auburn
9/23 Natacha Schou chooses Columbia
9/23 Kinaa Graham chooses LSU
9/23 Justin Lyons chooses Florida State
9/23 Prisha Rapur chooses RPI

Full Listings: Boys' Commits & Girls' Commits

9/24 Landaluce to Lead Spain in ITF Junior Davis Cup; Shnaider Reaches Berkeley $60K Semifinals; Michelsen, Hovde Advance in Lubbock $15Ks; Kingsley Makes…
9/23 Junior Billie Jean King Cup Teams Announced; Kim Ousts Top Seed at Lubbock $15K; Shnaider and Svendsen Reach Berkeley $60K Quarterfinals; Diallo,…
9/22 Semifinals Set at ITF J5 in McKinney; Shnaider Breezes into Second Round at Berkeley $60K; Kingsley Reaches First Challenger Quarterfinal; Juniors…
9/21 Rabman Downs No. 2 Seed for First Pro Circuit Win; Trio of Cal Bears Qualify for Berkeley $60K; Kingsley, Boulais Win All-Buckeye Challenger Matches;…
9/20 Two Qualifiers Bring Buckeyes Columbus Challenger Main Draw Total to Five; Sieg and Bobichon Win Milwaukee Classic, Earn ITA Fall Nationals Wild…
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